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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

August Newsletter

Rocks in the Belly
Jon Bauer
RRP $32.95

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Christina Booth
RRP $24.95
Shortlisted for Children's Book of the Year
in Early Childhood catagory.
Ages 0-2

The Wrong Book
Nick Bland
RRP $15.99
Shortlisted for Children's Book of the Year in the Early Childhood catagory.
Ages 2 & 3
Clancy & Millie and the Very Fine House
Libby Gleeson
RRP $24.99
Shortlisted for Children's Book of the Year in the Early Childhood catagory.
Ages 4 & 5


Black Crow: The Andrew McLeod Story
By Geoff Kingston
RRP $34.99
Award winning journalist, Geoff Kingston, wrote this biography of the famous football player, Andrew McLeod, one of the greatest AFL players of the modern era, through his career with the Adelaide Crows. From his career, he holds two premiership medals as well as many others. Andrew McLeod has been a role model for many Indigenous Australians over the years. Though he has had a great career, he has had to deal with debilitating knee injuries and personal conflicts that have threatened to keep him away from his beloved game and club forever. Black Crow is McLeod’s story of growing up as a young boy from the Northern Territory, and getting into the Crows Football Club.

Four Ingredients Fast, Fresh & Healthy
Kim McCosker & Rachael Bermingham
RRP $19.99
From the best selling authors of the now famous series of books “Four Ingredients” comes a healthy alternative. Quick, easy, and healthy these recipes are great for anyone.

Her Fearful Symmetry
Audrey Niffenegger
RRP $24.95
Her Fearful Symmetry is a twenty-first century ghost story echoing the styles of Charles Dickens and Henry James but still holding onto Audrey Niffenegger’s familiar themes of love, loss and identity. This is a remarkable story of twins getting a new lease on life.
36 Days
Hugh Dolan
RRP $34.99
“The Untold Story of the Anzac Assault, 25th April 1915.”
By using much unpublished material and research, Hugh Dolan, a soldier himself, has produced this great work, which sheds a new light on the history of the original Anzacs.

King of the Cross
Mark Dapin
RRP $22.99
If you liked the Underbelly series, then you will love this story. The story of the godfather of Kings Cross, Jacob Mendoza, is funny, brutally incorrect and addictive. As he hires a young reporter to record his biography, it becomes clear that he is not the only one with a past in Kings Cross. More crimes and criminals slowly appear as the memoir is formed, circling the kingdom that Mendoza built.

Great Australian Rabbit Stories
Jenny Quealy
RRP $35.00
Twenty-four rabbits were released into the wild on a Victorian property in 1859. By 1890, they were found in plague numbers. Their numbers reached an estimated ten billion by the 1920s. This book is a collection of true stories from the eyes of the people who have fought on the frontlines against this furry foe.

Hell To Heaven: Journey to Wudang #2
Kylie Chan
RRP $22.99
Following on from Earth To Hell, the gods and demons of ancient China are alive and kicking with this new addition to the series.

True Spirit
Jessica Watson
RRP $35.00
The now famous junior sailor, has written this book to relay the extensive preparation it took before she could get out on the water. She also tells of the problems she encountered along her journey, how she overcame them and what it was like coming to port with a crowd waiting.
Cruiser: The Life and Loss of HMAS Perth and Her Crew
Mike Carlton
RRP $55.00

365 Awesome Aussie Jokes
Various Authors
RRP $9.99
Supporting Camp Quality, this joke book is guaranteed to have you children laughing their socks off every time they open the book.

The Adventures of Ook and Gluk Kung-fu Cavemen From the Future
Dav Pilkey
RRP $14.99
Ook and Gluk are the hilarious stars of this graphic novel from the creator of Captain Underpants. Ook and Gluk one day find that their town is being attacked by and evil corporation from the future. They get pulled through a time portal to discover a worse future than their own. Ook and Gluk soon get trained by Master Wong, a martial arts instructor, and travel back to their own time, to save the day.

Mates: Barnsey
Written by Allayne Webster
Illustrated by Tom Jellett
RRP $11.99
Hannaford's family loves giving things a name, even the lawnmower. The baby lamb needs a name, and Hannaford wants to give it a really cool one.

The Very Itchy Bear
Nick Bland
RRP $15.99
In The Very Cranky Bear, Bear was invaded by four playful animals. Now in The Very Itchy Bear, he is being annoyed by one persistent flea. When Bear finally finds a way to get rid of Flea, he finds he misses him. Is this the start of a new friendship?

Dinosaurs Aren’t Dead
Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki
RRP $14.99
Dr Karl Kruszelnicki is famous for his dynamic and enthusiastic look at science, and relating that to adults all over the world with his fascinating and informative science books. Now for the first time, he brings the fun of science to children with Dinosaurs Aren’t Dead. This book exposes the story of dinosaurs that have become extinct, and dinosaurs that have evolved into species we see today, such as birds.

Tomorrow, When The War Began
John Marsden
RRP $18.99
John Marsden’s famous and bestselling series is due to be released on film in December 2010. It is the story of a group of teenagers finding themselves frightened and alone. They have to find the strength to survive through the war that is tearing through their lives.

The Horse Who Bit A Bushranger
Jackie French
RRP $14.99
The fourth book in the Animal Stars series is yet again inspired by Jackie French’s ancestors. This is a novel based on true tales of the past, including courage, inspiration farmer’s resilience to the land and more. A great read for children who like historical stories.
Younger Fiction 6+

Doc Martin Series 4 DVD
The Return To Cranford - Cranford Series 2

Antiques Roadtrip - 3DVD Set

Legends of Comedy

No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency: The Complete First Season

Bathurst Legends

Hamish and Andy’s: Caravan of Courage

Little Dorrit

The Two Ronnies: Series 6 - 2DVD Set

Masterchef: Masterclass Series 2

Countdown: Disco Anthems - Various Artists

Songs For Sweater Weather - 2 CD Set - Various Artists

F***** Me I’m Famous: Ibiza Mix 2010 CD - David Guetta

The Ultimate Collection - Aled Jones

100 Miles From Memphis - Sheryl Crowe

Rage: Adults Only CD and DVD Pack - Various Artists

80 From the 80s 4 CD Set - Various Artists

Story Songs Volume 2 - 2 CD Set - Various Artists

Singing for Love - David Hobson & Yvonne Kenny

Boys From The Bush: More Men of Aussie Country Volume 2 - Various Artists

The Show: Celtic Thunder DVD

Slow Listening 2 CD - Various Artists

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