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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

July Newsletter

How To Cool The Planet
Jeff Goodell
RRP $35.00
Tania Cox
RRP $14.95
For ages 0-2
Squeezy Cuddle Dangly Legs
Peter Whitfield
RRP $24.95
For ages 2 & 3
Molly and Her Dad
Jan Ormerod
RRP $14.95
For ages 4 & 5


Sizzling Sixteen
Janet Evanovich
RRP $32.99
Stephenie Plum is back with her old antics in the sixteenth novel in this favourite series. With summertime in Jersey, Stephenie is joined by her crew to hunt crims, fight off killers and shabby investment schemes.
Adult Fiction

Blind Fury
Lynda La Plante
RRP $32.99
Along the side of a motorway, a young woman’s body is discovered. With no family, friends or anyone to identify her, DI Anna Travis suspects this murder is linked to two others. As they realise they are dealing with a triple murder investigation, Anna receives a letter. A murderer who Anna helped catch is now insisting he can help her, but only will talk to Anna. Will he help? Or is he just determined to get into her head?
Crime Fiction

The Untrained Environmentalist
John Fenton
RRP $35.00
Young farmer, John Fenton took over his family’s run-down Victorian farm fifty years ago. The property was barren, windswept and all but dead. John Fenton brought the property back to life though. He planted trees, reinstated wetlands and also created wildlife reserves. In this book, he tells of how his miracle was achieved.

A Simpler Time
Peter FitzSimons
RRP $35.00
“A memoir of love, laughter, loss and billycarts.”
This is Peter FitzSimons’s account of growing up in the rural outskirts of Sydney in the 1960s, and also a tribute to family. It is also a tribute to times, and past generations when praise was understated, work was hard, values were clear and people stood by each other in adversity. This memoir holds childhood mischief, eccentric characters, drama, love, humour and generosity.

Family Ties
Danielle Steel
RRP $32.95
Overnight, Annie Ferguson becomes a mother to her sister’s three orphaned children. At Fourty-two, Annie has become used to being single, and has had a satisfying career and family life, and Annie tries to find the line between helping them, and letting them go. That is until an accident leads her to a man, who will tempt her to reconsider her single life.
Adult Fiction

Unseen Academicals: Discworld #32
Terry Pratchett
RRP $21.95
The thing about football, is that it is not just about football. A street urchin with talent of kicking, a beautiful yet dim woman who has potential as the greatest fashion model, mysterious Mr Nutt who no one knows anything about, including himself and a pie maker are all drawn to the match. These four people find their lives are entwined and changed forever.

After America
John Birmingham
RRP $32.99
A wave of energy hits America and leaves a horrible aftermath of assassination, looters, crime, and many traumatised survivors. Is America strong enough to fight the past to save the future.


Andrew Daddo
Illustrated by Bruce Whatley
RRP $24.99
Some monsters are scary, with pointy teeth and grunt and they stink! You would never invite them to sleep over. But there are also other monsters that are cute and full of surprises.
Children’s HB Picture Book

Me And You
Anthony Browne
RRP $29.95
This is a beautifully illustrated new look at the classic “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”. Three bears decide to go for a walk in the park while their porridge cools. Meanwhile a little girl has lost her mum and her way, walking the streets alone until she comes upon a house. When the bears come home, what will they find?
Children’s HB Picture Book

The ABC Book of Great Aussie Stories for Young People
Bill Marsh
RRP $14.99
Bill ‘Swampy’ Marsh is one of Australia’s greatest story tellers, and now he has gathered a collection of true Aussie adventures for younger readers. It includes stories of droving thousands of cattle across the outback, living under the stars, fast run-away trains, the flying doctor’s service and many more.
Children’s Non-Fiction Ages 10+
My Australian Story: Who Am I?
Anita Heiss
RRP $16.99
Mary was taken away from her family and home five years ago. Everyone tells her to forget them, even though she can’t. She wants to find where she really belongs, and why she was taken.
Younger Fiction Ages 9+

Lucy the Lie Detector
Marianne Musgrove
Illustrated by Cheryl Orsini
RRP $14.95
Lucy finds herself in trouble when she accidentally scratches her father’s new car. This mistake turns into an enormous fib, which involves her best friend, her worst enemy, a camel and a guinea pig. Is it time for Lucy to tell the truth?
Younger Fiction Ages 6+

The Poison Diaries
Maryrose Wood & Jane Northumberland
RRP $19.99
Jessamine lives with her father, Thomas in an isolated cottage near Alnwick Castle. Thomas’s pride is his locked garden of dangerous plants. One day an orphan named Weed comes to their cottage who has special gifts with plants. Soon he and Jessamine develop a friendship that deepens into love.
Teenage Fiction Ages 13+

Withering Tights
Louise Rennison
RRP $19.99
Dother Hall is an eccentric performing arts college in the wilds of Yorkshire Dales, and is surrounded by bearded cheese making villagers, and boring wildlife. Tallulah was expecting a little bit more. When her friends turn up however, things turn around. Being free of parents, boys and having the freedom of expression does them wonders, because it’s theatre.
Teenage Fiction Ages 13+

Georgia Blain
RRP $18.95
A new and thrilling teenage crime adventure bound to capture any enthusiast.
Teenage Fiction Ages 13+


Wolfman 2010 Edition DVD

Fantastic Mr Fox DVD

Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief DVD

Underbelly The Golden Mile 6 DVD Set

Dear John DVD

Robin Hood Season 3 DVD

Masterchef Masterclass Series 2 DVD Due 29th July

Rick Stein’s Far Eastern Odyssey DVD Due 27th July

The Adventures of Merlin Series 2 DVD

Midsomer Murders Season 12, Part 2 DVD

Alice In Wonderland DVD

4 Ingredients Series 1 DVD

Italian Food Safari DVD

The Hurt Locker The Specialist Limited Edition DVD

Poh’s Kitchen Passion DVD

Rockwiz Collector’s Edition The Duets, 3 DVD Set

The Very Best of Daniel O’Donnell CD

Triple J’s Live at the Wireless Volume 3 CD

Big Country Volume 2 CD - Various Artists

Floorfillers Party Anthems 2010 2CD - Various Artists

Twilight Saga Eclipse Soundtrack CD - Various Artists

Bionic CD - Christina Aguilera

To The Sea CD - Jack Johnson

Legend The Very Best of Willie Nelson CD

People Get Ready CD - Russell Watson

Catherine Britt CD - Catherine Britt

Enchanted Way CD - Mark Vincent

Raindrops CD - The Exquisite Piano Music of Chopin

Rockwiz Collector’s Edition 3 CD Set

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