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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

May Newsletter 2010

May Selection

Blue Skies
by Fleur McDonald
RRP $32.99

Yummy Ice-Cream
Friends For Keeps Series
by Emma Quay
RRP $13.99

by Janet A. Holmes & Jonathan Bentley
RRP HB $24.99, Board Book $14.99

Wanted: The Perfect Pet
by Fiona Roberton

COMING, JUNE 5th 2010, 1.35pm

The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner An Eclipse Novella
by Stephenie Meyer

Bree Tanner is a character first introduced in Eclipse as a newborn vampire.
This short story tells the darker side of the vampires, and the devastating story of Bree's change, and being forced along with the other newborns, to become an army preparing to attack Bella and the Cullen family.


May Adult New Releases

The CSIRO Total Wellbing Diet Recipe Book
RRP $35.00
Coming from the well known and popular health books, CSIRO have put out a new book full of healthy and appetising recipes.

Thorn On The Rose
Joy Dettman
RRP $32.99
The second instalment of the new Woody Creek series, Pearl in a Cage ended in May 1939 when Jenny Morrison fled Woody Creek for Melbourne. Now months later, she is back, wiser and with an expensive new wardrobe. Finding cruelty wherever she goes, she finds solace living with her Grandmother, the town midwife. Once again Jenny dreams, and finds herself in Sydney following her ambition to sing. Will she fulfil her wishes?
Adult Fiction

Dear Mum
RRP $16.99
This lovely gift book celebrates one of life’s closest relationships. It shows pictures depicting what it is to be part of a family, sharing the gift of friendship and what it is being loved.
Gift Book

Some Girls: My Life In A Harem
Jillian Lauren
RRP $34.95
Eighteen-year-old Jillian Lauren was an NYU theatre school dropout. After being told about a $20,000, eighteen-month job, Jillian finds herself on a plane bound for Borneo. Leaving her East Village apartment for the palace of Prince Jefri Bolkiah, the younger brother of the Sultan of Brunei. Some Girls is a sexy read set in an exotic land, about how a rebellious teen finds her true self, finds the courage to meet her birth mother and to adopt a baby boy.

Shannon Lush & Trent Hayes
RRP $19.99
Domestic guru, Shannon Lush shows you how to become an expert stain detective from her knowledge of chemical reactions and stain-fighting formulas. As her others, this book is packed full of information to help you clean.

The Carrie Diaries
Candace Bushnell
RRP $24.99
The Carrie Diaries starts with Carrie’s senior year of high school where she and her best friends are inseparable. Bad boy, Sebastian Kydd soon comes into the picture. Fans of Sex and the City will love seeing Carrie Bradshaw transforming from a regular teenager to a sharp and insightful woman and writer.
Adult Fiction

The Complete Book of Heroic Australian Women
Susanna De Vries
RRP $35.00
“Twenty-one Pioneering Women Whose Stories Changed History”
The twenty-one women featured in this book are truly inspiring for today’s women. They faced difficult tests in trying circumstances. Such as, in the Australian outback, during the turmoil of war, and overcoming all different kinds of obstacles to get where they wanted to go.

The Infinity Gate: Darkglass Mountain #3
Sara Douglass
RRP $32.99

May Children's New Releases

Morris Gleitzman
RRP $19.95
Following the famous stories, Once and Then, Now is set in the current day. Felix is now a grandfather after living through so many difficult and terrifying situations. Felix has buried many of the painful memories of his past, until his granddaughter Zelda comes to stay with him.
Younger Fiction 10+

The Return of the Word Spy
Ursula Dubosarsky & Illustrated by Tohby Riddle
RRP $24.95
“A funny and fantastic voyage into language, grammar and beyond…”
Packed with cartoons, games, facts and puzzles The Return of the Word Spy continues Word Spy’s fascinating journey through different lands to discover the English language.
This book contains; how we learn to speak, grammar, written forms of communication, and also explains the meanings of nouns, verbs, word origins, and other wordy wonders.
Child Non-fiction HB 7+

Spirit Bound: Vampire Academy #5
Richelle Mead
RRP $19.95
Rose Hathaway has finally returned to St. Vladimir’s, and her best friend, Lissa Dragomir, or graduation. Both girls can’t wait for their real lives to begin outside of the Academy’s cold iron gates. On Rose’s travels she learnt of a magic that was too terrifying to comprehend, but could hold an answer to all of her prayers. If she choses to use it, it will hold a devastating consequence. Who, and what, will Rose chose?
Teenage Fiction 13+

Molly Moon and the Morphing Mystery: Molly Moon #5
Georgia Byng
RRP $14.99
For the fifth mind-blowing adventure of Molly Moon, Molly is now unstoppable. She is a master hypnotist, a time-traveller, a mind reader and now has found a new power; morphing. She is soon swapping bodies with bugs, dogs, rats, and even the Queen of England. Will she get into trouble and never get back into her own body again?
Younger Fiction 9+

Burned: House of Night #7
Kristin & P. C. Cast
RRP $29.99
Zoey Redbird, a vampyre High Priestess in training, seems to have lost herself. Her powers over the elements were not enough to save a close friend. Evil has plans that wont wait for her to return to herself or to restore her full powers. Darkness is taking on the world, can Zoey fight along the path through to the light?
Older Fiction 13+

Christian, The Hugging Lion
Justin Richardson
RRP $24.99
Christian the Hugging Lion is the heart-touching story of two men and their pet lion. This is their story that children can read, understand and enjoy.
Children HB Picture Book 3+

George’s Cosmic Treasure Hunt
Lucy & Stephen Hawking
RRP $21.95
If you could talk to aliens, what would you say? Could they be out there? How do you find them? Find out in this new space adventure following on from the Children’s Book Council of Australia shortlist, George’s Secret Key to the Universe.
Younger Fiction 9+

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