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Thursday, 11 March 2010

March Newsletter

March Pick

Cold Justice
By Katherine Howell
RRP $25.00
Cold Justice reveals a murder, which eighteen years later is still unsolved. Political pressure put on by the victim’s cousin, reopens the case.
Ella, who goes through some troubles in her hometown, ends up being reassessed as a paramedic, and finds her old school friend, Freya, is her assessor.
Ella’s confusion increases when Freya hardly talks to her, and Georgie Riley, who found the victim, is reluctant to help with the investigation into the murder, as is Tim’s mother.
The more Ella digs in the past, many buried secrets and lies appear.
Excellent Crime Fiction novel. It captures you from the very first chapter. Erica
Crime Fiction

Dragon Haven: The Rain Wild Chronicles #2
Robin Hobb
RRP $32.99
From the author of the famous Assassins series, Robin Hobb will once again capture audiences with Dragon Haven. The Rain Wilders continue their journey towards the ancient city of Kelsingra while they are getting used to controlling their dragons without realising they are slowly changing for good.

Tuscan Rose
Belinda Alexandra
RRP $32.99
The Tuscan Rose is a tale of sacrifice, rewards, beauty, horror and redemption. The only family Rosa has known is the nuns who raised her. Rosa faces unimaginable hardship when she becomes the governess of an aristocrat’s daughter, and the fascists invade Italy. Rosa’s only weapons are her intelligence, determination and her capacity to love.
Excellent read. Margie.
Adult Fiction

The Last Song Film Tie-In
Nicholas Sparks
RRP $22.99
The Last Song is about the love between parents and their children, ‘first love’, and problems within families. Miley Cyrus is to play the leading role of Veronica Miller in the movie due out in cinemas.
Adult Fiction

Stormlord Rising: The Watergivers #2
Glenda Larke
RRP $22.99
Stormlord Rising follows on from the popular The Last Stormlord. The characters in these stories face treachery, heartbreak, horror, control and power. Each have their own story to tell. Whether being controlled by a grandfather, gain and suffer the loss of a husband, or being forced to help a power-lusting rainlord.

Beneath Hill 60
Will Davies
RRP $34.95
Everyone knows the story of the men and women who fought on the Western Front in WWI, but the story that is not told as often is the one of the miners, 30 meters below the Front. The miners’ mission was to dig a tunnel beneath ‘no man’s land’ to attack the Germans from below, but Germany had the same idea. Over 4585 Australian miners faced claustrophobic conditions and fought underground.

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
Rebecca Skloot
RRP $34.99
Although illegally taken, Henrietta Lacks’ cells have saved millions of lives. Through research on these cells, scientists have discovered the secrets of cancer and viruses, the effects of the atomic bomb, helped develop the polio vaccine, and have started to help with gene mapping and cloning. Henrietta Lacks though, did not know her cells were taken for farming. She was a poor tobacco farmer, and died of cancer in 1951.
Biography/Current Affairs

Ian McEwan
RRP $32.95
From the author of Chisel Beach and Atonement comes a new satirical, humorous novel. Ranging from the Arctic Circle to deserts of the world, Solar is a novel about human frailty struggling with complex problems of our current world. A story of a man’s greed, and selfishness as a famous scientist tries to save the world from disaster.
Adult Fiction

Mr Rosenblum’s List
Natasha Solomons
RRP $29.99
Jack is determined to assimilate himself into English culture, but his wife Sadie is not so keen, and wants to remember where they came from. So Jack makes a list to help lose that part of himself.
Adult Fiction

Ben & Bruce Whatley
RRP $24.99
Making friends can be difficult, as Zebo discovers. She lives in Junk Jungle where anything can be made into everything. Zebo likes having friends, and decides she wants more, but where can she find them?
Children’s HB Picture Book

The Piper’s Son
Melina Marchetta
RRP $24.95
The bestselling author of Saving Francesca and Looking for Alibrandi, Melina Marchetta follows the story of Saving Francesca five years on, in Thomas Mackee’s life. He wanted to forget his parents, friends, one-night stands, and losing uncles to terrible circumstances. However, he ends up back living with his father and having his friends help him piece his life back together.
Melina at her best! Margie.
Teenage Fiction 15+

ABC of Pirates
Caroline Stills
Illustrated by Heath McKenzie
RRP $24.99
This new take on the alphabet is great for young kids learning their ABCs. It is fun and interactive with bright, colourful and funny pictures. The rhythmic text will have children singing and letting it catch to their friends who will all have a wonderful time learning their alphabet and learning to love to read.
Children’s HB Picture Book

Secret Army: Henderson’s Boys #3
Robert Muchamore
RRP $17.99
Henderson’s boys are part of a network of intelligence agents that go undercover to gather information and sabotage operations of the enemy. They parachute into unknown territory, travel cross-country and outsmart adults to fight for their lives.
Teenage Fiction 11+

Dance of the Deadly Dinosaurs: School for Heroes #2
Jackie French
RRP $16.99
The famous Jackie French continues this humorous series, with Boojum Bark going into a dangerous universe to try and rescue his mother. The friends he takes with him start acting strangely, and why doesn’t his mother want to be rescued from her slavery?
Younger Fiction 8+

That’s Not My Bunny
RRP $14.95
From a great and wide range of Usborne’s Touchy-Feely books, comes That’s Not My Bunny. It contains many different pictures of bunny rabbits, and different parts of them are fluffy, rough or woolly. Great for young children, learning all the different textures the world can offer.
Board Book

Who Wants To Be A Billionaire: The Floods #9
Colin Thompson
RRP $14.95
The Floods take on Wall Street and try to solve the global financial crisis by setting up a summer school in New York. Millions of people lose more money, but things may work out fine in the end, after all, witches and wizards are not a charity.
Younger Fiction 7+

My Little Library Kiss Kiss
Margaret Wild & Bridget Strevens-Marzo
RRP $14.99
Baby hippo is so keen to go and play one day that he forgets to kiss his mother good-bye. All through the day he hears the words ‘kiss kiss’ until he remembers what he forgot to do that morning.
Children’s HB Picture Book 3+

New Release DVDs

New Moon DVD

Special Edition also being released both on 14th April, pre-order now

Michael Jackson
This Is It
Deluxe 2DVD Box Set

Steelbook 2DVD Set

Top Gear
Complete Series 11 Steelbook 2DVD set

Man vs Wild
Season 1 Collection 1 Extreme Terrains 2DVD set

American Chopper
Tool Box 15 3DVD set

Astro Boy 2009 DVD

The Time Traveller’s Wife DVD

Glee Volume 1 Road to the Sectionals 4DVD

New Release CDs

Triple J Hottest 100 Volume 17 2CD
Various Artists

Songs That Won The War 4CD
Various Artists

Simply The Best 70s Rock 2CD
Various Artists

Love Never Dies 2CD
Andrew Lloyd Webber

April Uprising CD
John Butler Trio

First Ladies CD

Down The Way CD
Angus & Julia Stone

Witness CD
Neil Murray

Countdown Jukebox Classics 3CD
Various Artists

One Love 2CD
David Guetta

So You Think You Can Dance Australia 2010 Soundtrack 2CD
Various Artists

Clubbers Guide to 2010 3CD
Various Artists

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