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Friday, 9 October 2009

October Newsletter

Adult November Release Books


The Gathering Storm: Wheel of Time #12
By Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson
RRP $35.00
The Wheel of Time series was originally written by Robert Jordan before his death in 2007. Brandon Sanderson was chosen by Robert Jordan's editor to finish the best selling series from Jordan's personal notes.

The Silent Country
By Di Morrissey
RRP $32.99
From the famous Australian author comes another fantastic fiction novel. Silent Country holds a cast and beautiful wilderness, which hides secrets, and stories that are rarely heard. Some of these stories are uncovered when TV producer Veronica Anderson travels to the Northern Territory to retrace the journey of an expedition that mysteriously ended in tragedy. These untold stories will bring unexpected changes.
Adult Fiction

Stars Over Shiralee
By Sheryl McCorry
RRP $34.99
From the bestselling author of Diamonds & Dust comes Stars Over Shiralee where Sheryl McCorry picks up her story after the death of her husband, Bob McCorry.
Australian Biography

Mud & Dust: Australian Army Vehicles & Artillery in Vietnam
By Michael K. Cecil
RRP $45.00
Mud & Dust holds a detailed view on the vehilces and artillery used in the Vietnam War, as well as the soldiers who operated them. This book has stunning photographs of the vehicles in action with detailed notes. This is the third book compiled by the Australian War Memorial, following Moments In Time and A Unique Flight.

By Judy Nunn
RRP $32.95
From one of the most popular Australian fiction authors comes Maralinga, based near Ceduna and Streaky Bay during the time of the Cold War. The British army has an atomic weapon testing site in the middle of nowhere, controlled by ambitious and youthful men. Maralinga is a story of tragedy, heartbreak, love and adventure.
Adult Fiction

Children's November Release Books


Crocodile Tears: Alex Rider #8
By Anthony Horowitz
RRP $17.95
Continuing the bestselling series by Anthony Horowitz is Crocodile Tears. Being targeted by a hit man and under threat of his past being exposed by the media, Alex turns to MI6. Their help however, doesn't come cheap, which in turn causes a cascade of terrifying ordeals for Alex.
Teenage Fiction

Tempted: House of Night #6
By P.C. & Kristin Cast
RRP $16.99
Continuing the fast selling House of Night series is Tempted. This amazing vampire series continues to bring adventure, lust, love, teenage boy problems and school. Being a school student, and having to save her friends puts Zoey under alot of pressure and her mind gets muddled as she could lose her life, her soul, her heart or her friends.
Teenage Fiction
26th November World Release Date

The Old Kingdom Chronicles
By Garth Nix
RRP $35.00
From the famous author comes an omnibus of the teenage fantasy novels Sabriel, Lirael and Abhorsen. Now all joined as one great read.
Teenage Fiction

Halt's Peril: Ranger's Apprentice #9
By John Flanagan
RRP $16.95
Halt, Horace and Will are on the trail of Tennyson, who was the false prophet of the Outsider cult and just escaped justice for his crimes in Clonmel, and his followers. Halt is determined to stop him before he crosses the border to Araluen. Are Halt's and Will's archery skills enough to save them? Or will they be facing their last battle?
Younger Fiction

To the Top End: Our Trip Across Australia
By Roland Harvey
RRP $24.99
Another faulous Roland Harvey book, which explores some of the most spectacular landscapes of Australia. Filled with adventure, mishaps, and activity, To The Top End visits Bass Strait, the Murray River, the Flinders Ranges, Coober Pedy and many other famous and beautiful places. It makes a great companion to the other children's favourites; At the Beach, In the Bush, and In the City.
Child Hardback Picture Book

By Rufus Butler Seder
RRP $24.95
Following on from the great kids books Kick! and Gallop! these great books use Scanimation to make an interactive book that keeps children amused and excited to see these pages over and over again.
Board Book

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